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Curricular Songs (CS) is the sister company of Scholar Records whose aim is to publish the songs of artists who reside on the label. Further to this, CS also employs composers, writers and producers who specialise in different genres to get their works used in new media.

Behind Closed Doors

Miquel Pardo

The Chase

Stefan Harper

Folk Mystics

Paul Cecchetti

Catalogue Samples


Stefan Harper

'Folk Mystics'

Paul Cecchetti

'A Class'

Stefan Harper

'Behind Closed Doors'

Miquel Pardo


Stefan Harper

'Young One'

Paul Cecchetti

'The Chase'

Stefan Harper

'You Can't Say It (But You Know
It's True)'

Stefan Harper


Stefan Harper

The music here represents the diverse nature of Curricular Songs which is a publisher with no boundaries when it comes to music. Music is important and has many uses beyond its commercial usage. Whether it be music composed for an advert of to use as a theme tune, to give a scene some character or to animate any other form of media, we endevour to get the very best out of our composers.

Music in the modern age is vast and so we aim to sign composers and producers from different backgrounds as there is a lot that can be said through music. This is very evident in media where music is often the missing piece to the jigsaw; most people forget that it completes and is just as important as the visual picture.

With regards to our catalouge, any piece can be tailored to requirement or a selection can be made from the catalogue. As stated above, CS publishes artist material on Scholar Records so the artist catalogue is also up for synchronisation use.

If you would like to use a track for sync, please contact


Curricular Songs signs its first three composers

Curricular Songs licenses its first batch of music from three talented composers.

18th July 2018

It has been a long time coming but Curricular Songs is proud to say that it has taken on its first few composers, providing a small collection of tracks that represent its diverse nature. We have managed to secure a small selection of classical, jazz, orchestral, classical, hip hop, electronic and won't be stopping there; over the coming months we will be seeking other composers, producers and writers to expand our catalogue. We hope this will be a safe haven more many new creators in the years to come and look forward to working with whoever comes our way!



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